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Framil in short

  • Big event
  • In Pori, Finland from 8th to 10th June 2018
  • Everyone can participate
  • Fun activities for 7-22 years old
  • Price 20-65 EUR/person
  • Registration ended on 30th of April

Welcome to Frail

Framil will be organized in Pori from 8th to 10th June 2018. The event is organized by Scouting District of Southwestern Finland. City of Pori supports the event. Framil event is designed for people between 7 to 22 years old.

Everyone can participate, even those who are not scouts. Framil is an easy way to get acquainted with scouting.

More information on scouting and Framil can be found online from and Framil can also be found on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat with id @framil2018 and #framil

Scouting is for everyone

Everyone is welcome to join to scouts. Scouting is a hobby suitable for nearly everybody. In scouting one always works together with others. Children, young people and adults can join scouting.


Framil 2018 is held in Pori at Kirjurinluoto from 8th to 10th June 2018. You can participate for the entire weekend, one night or one day. When you have completed your registration you will be contacted and detailed information on how to arrive will be agreed upon.

Acting together

All programs within the event are designed to be carry out within a group. With minor participants there is always an adult within the group. We hope that children and young participants come as a planned group with one adult in the group. For every 10 minor participants there must be one adult. You can, however, register alone. Those who register alone will be coordinated as groups with an adult.

Scouting is a hobby without intoxicants (e.g. alcohol and drugs). Framil is likewise an event without intoxicants. Use of alcohol is forbidden as well as smoking. The event is as unobstructed as possible. If needed you will be assisted in moving.


In Framil one sleeps in a tent. Free places for sleepover in tents is for 5.000 people. You will not need your own tent. If you are not yet a member of scouts, you can also sleep inside within school premises.

We will contact you later concerning your wishes for sleepover. You will need a sleeping bag/blanket and a sleeping mattress/ camping mattress. We hope that a group sleeps in the same place!

Themes and program

Themes of Framil are equality, education of peace and dreams. We have program on land, water and in air. Framil will take place outdoors.

Athlete Leo-Pekka Tähti acts as a patron of the event. He has won more than 20 medals in tracks in wheelchair racing. He will speak in the celebration at the event on Sunday.

In scouts we act in five different age groups: from 7 to 9 years old as cub scouts (sudenpentu), from 10 to 12 years old adventurer (seikkailija), from 12 to 15 years old as tracker (tarpoja), from 15 to 17 years old explorer (samoaja) and from 18 to 22 years old as rovers (vaeltaja). Program at Framil is organized within these groups. There will be suitable program for everybody!

Examples of the program

  • Friday-evening we act within own groups. Each group will select their activity from different subjects.
  • On Saturday everyone has their own land-, sea- and air-program. Everyone can test each element.
  • More information on the program will be revealed during spring on social media.
  • Everyone has their own evening program on Saturday.
  • The climax on Framil is the celebration on Sunday. Finnish artist called Kasmir will perform at the celebration.
  • Different needs of help and support have been taken into account in the program. The program is adaptable. Everyone does not need to speak good Finnish.


You will not need your own tent or other equipment. You will need clothes for outdoors and, if needed, for sleeping. You will get a list of all equipment later.


If you participate for the entire weekend, the price is maximum 65 euros. The exact price will be determined later. The price includes program, overnight stay and food. Travel is not included. Participants shall organize their travel themselves. Also adults will pay the fee (however interpreters and assistance do not pay separately).

If you take part for a shorter period:

Friday 20€
Saturday 30€
Sunday 25€
Saturday-Sunday 55€

You will pay later in spring. You can get help to the payment if needed. You can require this when registering.

Registration and cancellation policy

Registration ended on 30th of April 2018.

Registration can be canceled until the end of April. Thereafter the money will not be refunded. You can search for another participant. In this kind of situations please contact quickly Sari Vihermäki (

If you get sick, you will get the money back from the insurance company. The doctor will write the needed medical certificate.

More information

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